Affordable Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

28th March 2024


Easter is a time for joy, celebration, and of course, delighting the little ones. While chocolate eggs are a classic, there are plenty of other creative options to consider that are an affordable way to give gifts in the holidays that are a little kinder on the household budget.

From DIY craft ideas to Easter egg hunting with a twist, here are some Easter gift ideas sure to bring smiles to children’s faces.

Creative Easter Craft

With Christmas wrapped up, Easter is now upon us bringing with it public holidays and long weekends to enjoy as a family. Why not get creative this year and go beyond the traditional chocolate treats and surprise the kids with thoughtful and creative gifts that inspire imagination, exploration, and joy.

Many of the more traditional forms of celebrating Easter are also more affordable for those of us on single or low incomes and about the process of creating rather than the end product.

Focus on re-using and keeping it simple – op-shops are a great resource for craft materials on a budget, you will find all sorts of things like bunting, and hats to re-use for school Easter hat parades and even little wicker baskets for Easter egg hunting.

DIY Easter Gift Ideas

Egg decorating

To dye eggs the traditional way, begin by hard-boiling a dozen or so eggs and allowing them to cool completely. Next, prepare several cups of boiling water and add a teaspoon of vinegar to each cup, which helps the dye adhere to the eggs.
Choose a variety of vibrant food colouring dyes and add them to the cups of water, creating a rainbow of colours. Carefully lower the eggs into the dye baths, using a spoon or tongs to ensure even coverage. Let the eggs soak until they reach the desired hue, periodically checking their colour.
Once dyed, remove the eggs from the dye baths and allow them to dry. Decorate further with textas or ribbon and for a glossy finish, rub vegetable oil onto the eggs. This traditional method of Easter egg dyeing results in beautifully coloured eggs that are perfect for hiding, displaying traditionally by hanging on trees, or enjoying as a festive snack.

Egg dying, an affordable Easter Gift Idea for Kids!

Homemade Easter bunny masks

Craft simple bunny masks using paper plates, construction paper, and elastic bands. Kids can decorate them with textas and glitter for a fun Easter activity.

Easter-themed craft

Provide materials for Easter-themed craft activities; like making pom-pom chicks, tissue paper flowers, or bunny ears headbands. These hands-on activities will keep kids entertained much longer than a soft toy would and also foster their creativity.

DIY paper Easter baskets

To create your own paper basket, use paper in vibrant Easter colours. Cut the paper into strips and weave them together to form the base of the basket, securing the ends with glue or tape. Then, craft a handle using additional paper strips or ribbon, attaching it securely to the sides of the basket. Decorate your creation with stickers, textas, or ribbon bows and paper flowers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although chocolate is a popular gift for Easter, sugary sweets don’t have to be the only option for your kids. Outside of chocolate (or in addition to it, if you choose) consider handmade gifts and craft activities that can be enjoyed as a family.

A traditional German tradition that takes place on Easter Sunday: First thing in the morning after waking up, children go hunting for Easter eggs (brightly painted, hard-boiled eggs) that the Easter bunny has hidden for them – in the home or in the garden. The one who finds the most Easter eggs wins!

With Australian families spending in excess of $150 on Easter Easter food and chocolates, this year why not opt for traditional crafts and homemade options? Save the cash, get creative and enjoy time spent with family.

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