Complaints & Dispute Resolution

Although we aim to provide you with the highest standards of products and service, there may be occasions when our service does not meet your expectations. If such an event occurs, we are committed to dealing with any complaint or dispute arising in an efficient and effective manner.

We have a system for dealing with complaints and disputes, at no cost to you. This document sets out how it works and what is required to lodge a complaint or a dispute.

Where you are dissatisfied with our products, services or in the handling of a complaint, and you expect a response or resolution from us, you can use this process. The steps in the process are as follows:-


1. Notify us of the complaint

If you are unhappy with the product or service we have provided. Please contact us by emailing:

Alternatively by phone 02 9044 5633;

or by mail GPO Box 3220, Sydney NSW 2001.


2. Acknowledgement

We will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within 24 hours of its receipt. We will also notify you of the time frame in which you can expect a response to your complaint.


3. Investigation

Your complaint will be investigated and further details may be requested from you, to assist with this. It is important to us, that we understand all aspects of your complaint fully.


4. Resolution

We aim to have your complaint resolved within 21 days of it being received. Occasionally, due to the complexity of complaints or various other reasons, we may require more time to properly consider your complaint. You will be notified if we require more than 21 days.