How To Get Help With Vet Bills: 8 Ways

10th May 2023

Financial Help

If your furry friend is in desperate need of veterinary care, then you will do everything you can to get them the help they require. However, we do understand that veterinary visits can come with hefty costs most of the time. According to Statista, Australians spend an average of $548 per vet visit, and this can increase with surgeries and medications. So, you may be wondering how to get help with vet bills?

Luckily, we have compiled a list of 8 ways you can cut costs on your next visit to the vet. Plus, how a cash loan can help pay for vet bills in Australia. Read on to find out more.

Pet insurance

One of the safest ways to ensure you will be cutting costs on your next vet visit is by securing pet insurance. This means you won’t need to cover the whole cost yourself. Instead you will get some help from your insurer. And just like human health insurance, it will generally cover accidents and illnesses.

However, each pet health insurance company will come with different features, terms and conditions, so be sure to carefully assess your options before deciding on one. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful websites that will let you compare each company’s plan.

Low-cost vet care

Fortunately there are plenty of low-cost vet clinics around Australia. Although sometimes it can take longer to get an appointment, the lower vet costs will be worth the wait! Some of the best low-cost vet clinics around Australia include:

how to get help with vet bills - low-cost vet care

Charitable organisations

Reaching out to a charity to get help with vet bills can be stressful, however, there are a wide range of different organisations that are willing to give you financial assistance. Most likely you will need to apply for help and your result will be based on your income.

Some great charitable organisations you can turn to for help include:

Loan for vet bills

Small personal loans are one of the best options when it comes to getting yourself out of a tough financial situation. Luckily, there are plenty of good loan companies (like Red Tree Finance) that can help you pay for your vet bills in Australia. Depending on the severity of your situation, you can choose from emergency loans, same-day loans and instant loans. They’re also super easy to apply for online from any device. Plus, you can get the money in your bank account the very same day.

Health care credit cards

Another financing option is to sign up for a healthcare credit card. They can often be used for human medical expenses, as well as veterinary bills. Although they can be useful when you’re facing an emergency veterinary bill, they often come with higher interest rates and fees, so be sure to carefully assess the credit card’s features before applying. Plus, you want to make sure that you are paying off your bill each month to avoid any extra fees.

Crowdsource funding

Believe it or not, but crowdsourcing can actually be a highly effective way to cover the cost of your vet bills. All you need to do is set up a campaign on an official crowdsourcing website and you should be able to get your bills covered in no time! Some great crowdsourcing websites include:

how to get help with vet bills - crowdsource funding

Buy now, pay later

Many veterinary clinics nowadays offer buy now and pay later options. This means you can get your vet assistance and pay off your bill in instalments over time. The features, terms and conditions will depend on the type of finance the clinic offers. Some popular buy now and pay later options available to most vet clinics include:

Sell your unused items online

If you’re not interested in applying for any payment plans with your veterinary clinic, then a simple way to get some quick cash is by selling your valuable items you no longer have use for. There’s always someone to find use for your old items, whether they’re clothes, electronics, collectables, furniture, toys or crafts. A great place to start is by listing your items up on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay or Etsy. And, soon you will have the funds to cover your pet’s medical expenses.

how to get help with vet bills - sell your unused items online

Finance your next vet visit with Red Tree Finance

If you’re in need of medical assistance for your beloved pet, consider getting a loan for vet bills with Red Tree Finance. You can easily apply for an online loan in less than 5 minutes on our secure platform. Plus, you will also receive a decision within just 2 business hours! Once approved, you can receive your money the very same day. If you have any questions about this blog or loans for vet bills, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Aside from the above list of ways to save on your vet bills. We also recommend being up front about your budget and contacting different vet clinics to assess all your options. You can also try asking if they offer discounts for any services and whether they provide free routine check ups.

For human healthcare in Australia, Medicare and the PBS subsidise our health costs. Unfortunately, there is no Medicare system for pets. This means pet owners are required to pay the entirety of the vet bills, which is why the cost of veterinary bills tends to be so expensive.

A visit to the veterinary clinic will most commonly have some sort of out-of-pocket costs, whether that’s a small or large payment. However, many vet clinics are now offering payment plans to help pet owners with hefty bills. If you are facing issues that make it difficult to pay for your pet’s medical care, then we recommend calling the RSPCA welfare line on 1300 4 777 2 for more advice.

The information provided in this blog is of a general nature and is provided without considering your specific objectives, financial situation, or needs. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial, investment, or other professional advice.

Before making any financial decisions or taking action based on the information presented, you are strongly encouraged to assess its appropriateness in light of your individual circumstances. Red Tree Finance does not intend to provide personalised financial advice, and you should seek independent financial, legal, tax, and other relevant advice tailored to your unique situation.

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